How to clean your mattress?

20 march 2023

It seems like an easy and simple task, but you have to be careful, the use of inappropriate products could cause our mattress to deteriorate sooner than expected.

The cleaning of our mattress or rest equipment will always depend on the materials that make up our mattress, since there are rest equipment that contain very specific materials that need more special care, but we will leave those specifications for later.

In this article we are going to deal with the maintenance of a mattress, of the characteristics of our Classic Line, in future articles we will detail the care of the rest of our ranges.

  • To remove dust or dirt from use, it is recommended to use vacuum cleaners. Pass it over all sides of the mattress, including the opposite side, a lot of dust accumulates there too.


  • For superficial stains on the fabric, just make a solution with a liter of cold water and a tablespoon of laundry soap. With a damp cloth in said solution, rub in circles. Once dry it is good to vacuum again.

  • For slightly more stubborn and deep stains, we recommend a couple of options:

    • Spray the affected part with distilled white vinegar, leaving it to act for 10 minutes.

    • Sprinkle baking soda on top of the stain along with white vinegar. This mixture should fizz. When it dries, vacuum again.. Cuando se seque, volver a aspirar.

    • Finally, if the stain persists and has not been completely removed, use hydrogen peroxide or more commonly called hydrogen peroxide, always rubbing in circles.



These are some solutions for removing small stains, but at Suitex we recommend disinfecting the mattress well at least once every 2 or 3 months.

Applying this measure that we are going to tell you about now, ensures us to extend the useful life of our mattress and, above all, improve the quality of our health and rest, since the accumulation of dust and mites can produce side effects such as headaches or insomnia. .

These are the steps to follow:

  • Uncover the bed sheets and protective cover. We recommend washing bedding always at a minimum of 30º.

  • Always let the bed air out for about 30 minutes, even before putting on the clean sheets.

  • Once ventilated, we vacuum the mattress well and later we sprinkle baking soda all over the top. We let it act for about 30 minutes.


  • Once the time has elapsed, vacuum everything very well and let it air again.

We already have our mattress well ventilated and disinfected and ready to place our cover and clean sheets.

Remind you that this always depends on the fabrics that your mattress has.

We hope it helps you!


For more information, do not hesitate to write to us at or phone us at 955 630 274.

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